Chelsio S310E

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Артикул: S310E
Single Port 10GB iSCSI/Ethernet Storage Accelerator [PCI-e x8 to SFP+ Optical, no module included]

Chelsio S310E

CHELSIO’S S310E 10GbE Storage Accelerator is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter with PCI Express host bus interface optimized for storage applications. The third generation technology from Chelsio provides the highest 10GbE performance available and dramatically lowers host system CPU communications overhead.

With on-board hardware that offloads TCP/IP, iSCSI, and iWARP RDMA processing from its host system, the S310E frees up host CPU cycles for useful applications. The system achieves increased bandwidth, lower latency, and lower power.

This combination makes it practical to converge other networks that traditionally used niche technologies onto 10GbE. High bandwidth and extremely low latency make 10GbE with protocol offload the best technology for high-performance cluster computing (HPCC) fabrics.

The S310E also accelerates the iSCSI protocol for block-level storage traffic between servers and storage systems. With high-speed iSCSI, 10GbE is now the best technology for storage area networks.

The 'Unified Wire' Solution

With the S310E, Chelsio is delivering on the promise of the ‘unified wire,’ enabling the convergence of server networking, storage networking, and cluster computing interconnects onto a single platform and a single fabric. 10Gb Ethernet-only networking reduces the data center’s cost in network adapters, cables, switches, rack space, power, equipment spares, management tools, planning, networking skills, and installation.

Fully Featured Server Adapter

The S310E offers best-of-class performance and features, including IP/UDP/TCP checksum and large send offload, rate control and QoS, virtualization, and rule-based traffic steering and filtering.

Third-Generation Protocol Offload Engine

The S310E employs Chelsio’s unique third-generation Terminator 3 ASIC, a high-performance, programmable protocol processor. Terminator 3 processes all connections in a single  data path to deliver line-rate 10Gbps performance with one connection, up to thousands of connections. In contrast, competitive multi-RISC offload engines, which rely on having enough connections to distribute their processing among parallel processors to achieve full performance, are ultimately limited by the performance of each processor.

Complete and Flexible TCP Offload

The Terminator 3 ASIC has hundreds of programmable registers for protocol configuration, RFCs, and offload control. The S310E can offload TCP processing per-connection, per-server, per-interface, and globally and simultaneously tunnel traffic from non-offloaded connections to the host processor for the native TCP/IP stack to process. The S310E provides a flexible zero copy capability for regular TCP connections, requiring no changes to the sender, to deliver line rate performance at minimal CPU utilization.

Upper Layer Protocols

The S310E offloads the expensive byte touching iSCSI operations and payload placement to greatly accelerate iSCSI performance for IP SAN applications while maintaining flexibility. The iSCSI protocol itself can be implemented by vendors to provide product differentiation. The S310E also implements a high-capacity, low-latency, high-bandwidth iWARP RDMA/RDDP, which adheres to the IETF standards.

Robust, Proven Solution

Subjected to thousands of hours of compatibility testing, over two years of stress testing by severalOEMtest suites and production deployments in servers, storage systems and cluster computing, Chelsio’s robust, stable protocol offload technology delivers proven performance in a wide range of environments. The S310E is generations ahead of competing products.