Chelsio N310E-CXA

Цена: 49620 р
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Артикул: N310E-CXA
Single Port 10GB iSCSI/Ethernet Server Adapter [PCI-e x8 to CX4 copper with active cable capability]

Chelsio N310E-CXA

CHELSIO’ S N310E Server Adapter is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter with PCI Express host bus interface for servers and storage systems. The cost-effective N310E provides higher bandwidth for end nodes for organizations using 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the data center with advanced stateless offload. The N310E represents the third generation of Chelsio’s server adapters. Easy to deploy, it comes complete with turn-key drivers for major server operating systems.

Chelsio’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters have been subjected to thousands of hours of compatibility testing and over two years of stress testing
by various OEM test suites, with different operating systems. The robust N310E delivers the most reliable performance and best value for 10GbE connectivity in the industry.


By using Chelsio’s N310E, enterprises can cost-effectively connect servers and storage systems directly to the 10GbE backbone over multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber, CX4 copper, or CX4 active optical cabling.

As an upgrade or an alternative to aggregated Gigabit Ethernet links, 10GbE boosts connection bandwidth and simplifies cabling, installation, and maintenance. The N310E also provides additional bandwidth needed to consolidate server functions on fewer, more powerful systems – simplifying management and reducing costs for servers, rackspace, power consumption, and maintenance.

Applications with large data sets benefit from a high-speed distributed platform, including video rendering and distribution, data visualization such as remote medical imaging and climatic modeling, and bioinformatics applications such as DNA sequencing.

Fully Featured Server Adapter

The N310E offers best-of-class performance and features, including IP/UDP/TCP checksum and large send offload, rate control and QoS,
virtualization, and rule-based traffic steering and filtering.

Third-Generation Protocol Offload Engine

The N310E employs Chelsio’s unique third-generation Terminator 3 ASIC, a high-performance, programmable protocol processor. Terminator 3 processes all connections in a single datapath to deliver line-rate 10Gbps performance with one connection, up to thousands of connections. In contrast, competitive multi-RISC offload engines, which rely on having enough connections to distribute their processing among parallel processors to achieve full performance, are ultimately limited by the performance of each processor.

Robust, Proven Solution

Subjected to thousands of hours of compatibility testing, over two years of stress testing by several OEM test suites and production deployments in servers, storage systems and cluster computing, Chelsio’s robust, stable protocol offload technology delivers proven performance in a wide range of environments. The N310E is generations ahead of competing products.